A.   The following rules and regulations are hereby adopted for boats at Silliman Lake:

      1.   Boats shall be limited to boats propelled by oar, paddle and electric motors. No restrictions shall be placed upon the horsepower of electric motors.

      2.   Inflatable watercraft (belly boats, air mattresses, rubber rafts and similar craft), and wooden rafts, homemade or otherwise, and jet skis shall not be allowed.

      3.   No gas motors shall be permitted to operate on the waters of the lake except to load and unload the boat on and off the boat trailer. No idling of gas motors, trolling or tune-up work shall be allowed on the lake.

      4.   All watercraft must be in compliance with Coast Guard rules and regulations. All motorboats over twelve feet (12') in length must have a registration number issued by the State of Illinois in accordance with the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act 1 , or issued in accordance with Federal law or a Federally approved numbering system of another State. Violations of this subsection by persons under the age of eighteen (18) years, while operating a watercraft upon waters of Silliman Lake with the knowledge of a parent or guardian, shall be deemed a violation by the parent or guardian and punishable in accordance with subsection B of this Section. (Ord. 334, 3-25-1996)

      5.   No person shall operate or anchor any watercraft on the waters of the lake unless such watercraft have been registered with City Hall in the then current calendar year, and after payment of such registration fee and compliance with such registration requirements that may be required by the City. (Ord. 334, 3-25-1996; amd. 2000 Code)

      6.   No person shall operate or anchor any watercraft on the surface of the lake between sunset and sunrise.

      7.   No person shall operate any type of watercraft unless said person is wearing a personal flotation device. (Ord. 334, 3-25-1996)

   B.   Violations of the provisions of this Section shall be fined as provided in the general penalty provisions of Section 1-4-1 of this Code per occurrence, and every day that a violation continues to occur shall be deemed a separate violation. (Ord. 334, 3-25-1996; amd. 2000 Code)




1. 625 ILCS 45/3-1 et seq.